Theory & History Lessons

Solidify your foundation with theory and history

Warning: In my Studio, Theory can be Fun! History can be Exciting!

Learning is on a level that allows the deeper understanding that benefits the cumulative nature of these disciplines. As a bonus, students have discovered how understanding Theory and History can up their practical music skill, too.

  • Lecture-style lessons include workbook exercises and quiz

  • Prior material reviewed ongoing to ensure depth of understanding

  • Practice exams provide complete process for the well-prepared exam student

Music History Lessons

Learn about the lives of past and present composers. Facts and dates, yes; but also quizzes that will show whether material is more than just memorized. Charts will help to keep everything organized. Stories, background information, and music listening to make history really sing!

Hanna K

Advanced Theory student

Throughout these last two years, I have truly enjoyed my harmony lessons with you. From your example, I have developed a great appreciation for harmony. Additionally, I take pride in the knowledge and skills I have learnt from you. I admire your kindness, happiness, patience, skill, and wisdom, and I am blessed to have had you as my teacher. Thank you for teaching me!

Benefit from theory, harmony, analysis, and history lessons?

  • Students wishing to complete requirements for Theory Certificates and Comprehensive Certificates (Practical + Theory)

  • Those interested in pursuing post-secondary level music

  • Students wanting the many benefits that result from music training

  • Anyone with an interest in composition

What Else Students Are Saying

Ruby H

Theory and History student

Thank you for teaching me so much about music; I never knew there was so much background and information to the pieces that I played. I’m really going to miss you!

Naomi A

Theory and History student

Thank you for all of the hard work that you put in to helping me understand advanced theory! Your patience and explanations of advanced theory concepts made it a lot more simple to understand. I don’t think I could have ever achieved as high of a level of theory as I did without your help. Thank you so much for your flexibility and time. I truly appreciate it. Thank you.

Savannah N

Theory student

It wouldn’t have been possible to get my Gold Medal (Piano) without your wonderful teaching and tutoring. Thank you for having endless patience and amazing musical smarts!

Mika K

Advanced Theory student

Thank you for helping me reach such a high level of harmony, I have learned so much because of you and I would not have been able to do this without you.  Thank you for working with me tirelessly throughout this past year.

Shadow of hand holding rose on sheet music

from Storm-Music

Henry Van Dyke

O Music, lead the way —
The stormy night is past,
Lift up our hearts to greet the day,
And the joy of things that last.

The dissonance and pain
That mortals must endure,
Are changed in thine immortal strain
To something great and pure.

True love will conquer strife,
And strength from conflict flows,
For discord is the thorn of life
And harmony the rose.